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5 Users
POS Sales
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+5 Users
Credit Sales
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+15 Users
MIS -BI Tools
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An efficient ERP solution for your Retail

Malak Prophecy's ERP for retail industry is an all-in one system that is aware with the changing customer preferences and engaged in developing best ERP system for small and large sized retailers. Currently retail organizations are facing problems in day to day operations as to manage records and goods consumption, to give them the efficient ERP solution we have developed retail ERP software that efficiently helps the businesses in automating the process of managing records and goods consumption. 

ERP for retail is designed to cover all the domains of retail companies, that is:

  • Product planning and costing
  • Manufacturing or service delivery
  • Marketing and sales
  • Inventory management
  • Shipping and payment

ERP packages contains Accounting/General Ledger modules, Human Resources modules, Point of Sale (POS), Warehouse and Supply Chain Management modules, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI),vendor management, finance management, database integration.

User Friendly Interface We have designed our ERP so user friendly that even non- technical users can use this without any difficulty.

Resources Utilization– Retail ERP offers optimum utilization of resources that results into high profits with reduced costs.

Reduction in the overhead and excessive inventory A retail ERP system allows the organization to considerably reduce the overhead and thereby reduces unnecessary costs to the company.

Timely responsiveness Our software allows organizations to respond to any business constraints in real time and thereby extend timely response to any customer demands.

Integrated work environment ERP for retail offers an integrated work environment throughout the organization that can be easily monitored and managed.

Easy scalability and adaptability Easy scalability options and smooth integration with legacy systems are some other benefits of our ERP for manufacturing and retailers.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get a demo of Malak Prophecy ERP?

Yes, we would be happy to demonstrate Prophecy ERP through a web-conference at your convenience. The demo is a one hour session. To schedule your personal session, please contact

How long are your contracts?

Malak Prophecy ERP is a pay-as-you-go service (monthly or yearly), so you can make changes to your plan whenever you need to.

Is my data safe?

We’re fervent about keeping your data safe and secure. Our facilities feature stringent 24/7/365 security with video monitoring, biometric access, and advanced fire, flood, and theft monitoring systems. Our network security system employs the latest encryption and intrusion detection and prevention technologies.

Is Malak Prophecy ERP available on cloud?

Yes, Malak Prophecy is available on Cloud. Cloud software architecture targets for maximum performance. As such, you may expect a smoother experience. Cloud service providers also employs stricter security protocols in safeguarding your data.