Integrated ERP Solution with Development of eCommerce, Mobile Apps with Proposed Cloud Hosting


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Max 15 No of Licensed users for ERP
Master, Admin, Finance, Sales, POS, Purchase
Inventory, Manufacturing, Payroll, BI Tools, Reports
Unlimited pages design
Max 5 layout for home page
Max 3 Layout for each inside page
Content for complete Website to be provided by You
Resposive Layout
CMS & Training for CMS through Project Manager
Payment Gateway Integration Maximum 4
Max 5 layout for home page for Apps
Max 3 Layout for each inside page for Apps
Content for complete Apps to be provided by You
Splash Screen
Assigned Project Manager
Project management tool to view the Progress
Online chat support
Free Support after "Go Live" 90 days
Android & Ios App with Play Store & Google Store
SSL Certficate to be provided by You
Dedicated IP
payment Gateway API Provided by Client
Shipping Gateway Integration Max
Cloud Hosting
ERP Subscription One Year
eCommerce Development 45-90 working days
Mobile Apps Development 45-90 working days
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Turn Key Solution

Malak Star Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. company’s aim is to target all the business and their requirement to be satisfied. We have extensive expertise in Integrated ERP solutions in eCommerce Web portal and Mobile Apps. We have provided solutions on various ERP solutions with eCommerce Web portal and Mobile Apps on cloud base helping our clients achieve faster time speed to market their products and services while improving their business processes. We also have our specialization in Integrated ERP solutions with the development of eCommerce Web portal. With a solid team and fast delivering high-performance eCommerce web portals, we believe every retailer operates in a unique way according to their business needs, hence the ERP system, its architecture and the business process would be different. Our company is a global leading company in providing an independent integrated a solution including eCommerce we portals with Mobile Apps with or without hosting facilities.

Mobile devices are becoming an important extension to ERP. The goal is to unlock workforce productivity with two distinct benefits of mobility devices. The first benefit is the mobile devices’ enhanced user interface which features portability, a high screen resolution that promotes productivity. The second benefit is to extend the reach of ERP systems to employees, partners, and even customers, when they need it, where they need. The combination of mobile devices and ERP business systems empowers workers and makes it possible for them to engage fully with their peers and customers.

Frequently asked questions

What is turnkey project Development?

Ensuring long-term competitiveness in the current business environment, that is rapidly evolving and which presents a high degree of uncertainty and complexity, is increasingly necessitating a partnered, turnkey approach.

What is benefit of turnkey project?

Key customer benefits of the Turnkey Development Services include:

  • Expansion of product portfolio: Malak Star Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. turnkey deliverables allow for planning and delivering additional products in your roadmap
  • Reduce cost and project risk: Our turnkey expertise encompassing end to-end product development expertise, in-depth domain know-how and efficient project management limit the risks affecting schedules and investment
  • Ensure quick entry into market: Malak Star Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. intellectual assets and reusable components automate aspects of product development to accelerate time-to-market of products. Besides, as a single point of contact, Malak Star is able to reduce the number of interfaces and streamline schedules
  • Reduce development costs: As a single point of responsibility and accountability, Malak Star Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. turnkey capability ensures greater coordination and control to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Also, Malak Star’s Solution Accelerators shorten the development life-cycle to further reduce development costs.
  • Enables greater strategic focus: Frees client resources to focus on key strategic initiatives and the marketing of products profitably, while Malak Star handles all 
  • the nuances of product design, development, deployment and support.

Why Choose us ?

  • 24 x7 Support
  • Strict to Deadlines
  • Quality Assurance
  • Cost effective and Affordable Price
  • Professional and Highly Qualified Technical Team

Who are potential customers for turn-key development projects?

  • Manufacturers which want to create their own product to:Diversify their business by manufacturing electronics and exploring new markets, Protect themselves from the risks and increase the share of intellectual property for their products, Gain complete control over the manufacturing process
  • New companies and business startups which plan to:Manufacture a prototype for demonstration to the investor or for the execution of a contract, Enter the market with a new product which has no direct analogue in the world or in the national market
  • Industry organizations, suppliers of design documentation as well as small- and medium-batch products (design, research and development), which want to obtain design documentation and workable prototypes within a fixed budget
  • Manufacturers of final equipment and specialized devices, which expand their product range or replace outdated / imported units
  • Product and technology companies which wish to diversify their business