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Max 15 pages design
Max 3 layout for home page
Max 2 Layout for each inside page
Content for complete Website To be provided by You
Project management tool to view the Progress
Online chat support
Training for CMS Through Online Chat
Includes everything in BASIC +
Unlimited pages design
+2 layout for home page
+1 layout for each inside page
Assigned Project Manager
Cloud Hosting
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“Challenge to Meet the Client Aspect”

In the world where change is the new trend, give a twist to your website too and make it look more appealing to the visitors, with the help of dynamic website design and development. It is a medium where any organization can flaunt about their product and services to their target customers. In such a site the content is made by the scripting language from the other files or from a database. Dynamic website design is the web page that changes as per the client requirement, organization need and code demand. Dynamic website development is a challenge for developers as it requires to meet the client aspect and it should be ready for changes at any time.

Malak Star Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is dynamic website development companywhich builds dynamic website with the database. As per the client requirement, we will work and always ready for the required changes as client demand from us. A dynamic website uses a database to combine, manage and display as per client 

aspect to show the data on selection. Our company provides the design of pages and development also with a managed database. A website works as per the data provided by the client requirement.

With a positive attitude to accept the challenges and work hard to complete the project on time, our organization has well-qualified developers, they are updated to latest technologies as per programming needs. A dynamic website is nothing but the creative aspect with daily updating with fresh content. As per the requirement, the developer updates the site without affecting the website view. We also maintain the responsive view of the website for mobile users. In responsive view, it’s important to maintain the flow rather than the changes made in a website. Malak star Software solutions is not a Dynamic website designer we also design eCommerce website and web portal.We maintain all aspects and makes a quality product.

Frequently asked questions

Which one is better website, Static or Dynamic?

A Static Website is created in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and each page is a separate HTML file. This means that even if two pages contain similar information (like in Footer), they both have different versions. So if you need to update the footer you have to do it twice in case of static websites. A Dynamic Website is created using additional complex code and server technologies (such as PHP, WordPress, Joomla). One can do a lot more than static websites here. For instance you can easily update designs and content which is a tedious thing in static websites.

What input is needed of me to create my Website?

We would need your input for:

  • A summary of what kind of website you are looking for Some competitors
  • Content, if you are not using our Content Writing services,
  • Any particular images or videos that you would like us to include, and
  • Feedback to the work in progress

Are the web portals that are built by your organization Responsive?

Yes, we make responsive web portals.

Can I see my website while it’s in the development phase?

Totally! In fact, we recommend it. We will share the project management tool, where you can share the feedback and we can have it done your way without spending extra time on it.