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About us

We are a high quality, high end solutions company that uses technology as a tool to make your business ideas and vision real. We always love to do challenging projects that are hard, and have built a team capable of solving any difficult problems. Our mission is simple, We take the time to really understand what you want, and then deliver.

No tech-talk, no jargon, no time-wasting just solutions. In today’s outsourcing environment, we realize how easy it is for things to fall between the gaps language gaps, cultural gaps, geographic gaps, knowledge gaps a lot of time is wasted on reworking and re-explaining. At Malakstar, you don’t have to worry about any of that, With our proper communication understanding we bridge these gaps and understand where you are coming from so that we can help you reach where you are going.

What makes us different?

We get things done, we’re not prima donnas.

We partner with our clients and take an active role in their business.

We’re a multi-lingual independent with the breadth of the WPP group.


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